Bevanda discusses new arrangement with IMF mission

Bevanda discusses new arrangement with IMF mission

SARAJEVO, December 1 (FENA) – Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH and Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda held a meeting today with the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission Martin Petri to discuss possibilities for a new arrangement and conditions. indebtedness.

Bevanda emphasized that the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH and he personally can meet the proposed deadlines and obligations in the field of their work, and that is primarily the preparation of the Budget of BiH institutions for 2021.

“The Framework Budget Document (CSR) for the period 2021-2023 is the basis for adopting the budget for next year. The Ministry of Finance has prepared the CSR and it must be adopted at the session of the Council of Ministers. After that, we will very soon submit to the procedure the Budget for next year. We are aware that temporary financing is the worst option and we are the first to strive to adopt the budget as soon as possible,” said Bevanda.

The Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH reminded that the Fiscal Council in September this year adopted the Global Fiscal Framework which sets the limit for the budget of BiH institutions in the amount of 1 billion and 27 million KM, which is an increase of 31.1 million compared to this year.

Bevanda emphasized that in difficult times of pandemics and great economic challenges, the status of businessmen should be kept in mind, as well as police officers, soldiers and officials, which the unions also insist on.

The interlocutors agreed that reforms must be implemented in the interest of society as a whole and that governments face major challenges.

Bevanda, who is also the chairman of the ITA Board, emphasized that important decisions on the distribution of revenues had been made in the previous period, and if politicization was avoided, it would be possible to continue the positive activities of this body.

In addition to Minister Bevanda's associates, the meeting was also attended by the IMF Resident Representative in BiH, Andrew Jewel, the BiH Ministry of Finance and Treasury announced.